uPVC & GRP Well Casings and Screens


Cosmoplast well casings and screens are widely used in water well extraction in the gulf region. We offer a comprehensive solutions through our extensive range of casings and screens in uPVC and GRP. The uPVC double walled deep well acsing provide water extraction solution for the most remote areas in the Gulf Region that require wells of up to 600m depth. The GRP casing & screen system has many advantages over the steel pipes used in deep well applications.


Some of the key advantages of Cosmoplast casing & screens are:

  • Leight weight & corrosion resistant.
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for remote irrigation areas
  • Avaliable in diameters up to 1200mm
  • Additional filtering options through Granule Pack and Gravel Pack
  • Continuous slotted pipe and perforated pipes for easy water flow
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