The strong ribs of the crates provide great strength making it ideal for all material handling, storage and transportation applications. The plastic crates are stackable, thus having more storage space.

Bakery Crate

Item Code IFCRBK001
Product Name Bakery Crate
Size L x W x H (cm) 73 X 65 X 15
Packing Stacking
Container 20'/40'/40HC(Pcs) 736 / 1472 / 1550
Color Blue   Red  

Fish Crate

Item Code IFCRFH006
Product Name Fish Crate
Size L x W x H (cm) L 60.5 x W 39 x Ht 35 cm
Packing Nesting
Container 20'/40'/40HC(Pcs) 480/960/1100
Color L.Green   L.Blue   Yellow  

Transport Crate

Item Code IFCRTP012
Product Name Transport Crate
Size L x W x H (cm) L 59 x W 45.5 x Ht 18cm
Packing Stacking
Container 20'/40'/40HC(Pcs) 650/1300/1500
Color Black   Orange   Dark Green   Brown  

Harvest Crate

Item Code IFCRHR008
Product Name Harvest Crate
Size L x W x H (cm) L 58 x W 37.5 x Ht 20cm
Packing Nesting
Container 20'/40'/40HC(Pcs) 2100/4200/4800
Color Blue   Yellow   Dark Green   Red  

Dairy Crate

Item Code IFCRDY001
Product Name Dairy Crate
Size L x W x H (cm) L 40.5 x W 31.5 x Ht 31cm
Packing Stacking
Container 20'/40'/40HC(Pcs) 750/1500/1725
Color Blue  

Dairy Crate Short

Item Code IFCRDY002
Product Name Dairy Crate Short
Size L x W x H (cm) L 40.5 x W 31.5 x Ht 27.5cm
Packing Nesting
Container 20'/40'/40HC(Pcs) 1260/2520/2900
Color Blue   Brown  

Milk Crate

Item Code IFCRDY005
Product Name Milk Crate
Size L x W x H (cm) L 42.5 x W 33.5 x Ht 30cm
Packing Nesting
Container 20'/40'/40HC(Pcs) 950/1900/2150
Color Yellow   Orange